The Final Accounts (at the completion) of Yindu Road Extending Project was done by the Audit Bureau of Xuhui District  (more ...)

The Audit integrative course has been advance  (more ...)

The Coordination Be Intensified Facilitate the government sectors toward seamless  (more ...)

The audit work this year earn recognition  (more ...)

The District Bureau Has Established "The Methods of Publicizing Auditing Resultsí▒ (í░The Methodsí▒)  (more ...)

Xuhui Audit Bureau inspected the implementary about the í░Anti-Sarsí▒ funds  (more ...)

Mobilize all the factor to develop the Budget Implementary Audit (more ...)

Sun Chao,the acting XuHui district mayor emphasized that the auditing work should play a more important role in making the government's policy,plan and strategic evaluation.  (more ...)

Zhang Xianxun, the head of the XuHui District People's Congress pointed out: The auditing work should be legalized,disclosed and informative.                                                                   (more ...)

Mao Minggui, the general secretary of Xuhui Party Committee emphasize:The economic responsibility audit take
important responsible for the task of making the mechanism of
cadres' management and surveillance perfect.         (more ...)

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